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After spending decades accruing possessions and making memories in your home, we understand that moving away from these things can be sentimental and difficult.  Our clients entrust us with the delicate process of assessing and managing personal belongings.  We take our responsibility to heart and are committed to approaching the process with respect, patience and diligence.  We are here to offer real support and guidance aligning with your goals and lifestyle changes.

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The process of downsizing can be a large job to undertake BUT it doesn’t he to be!

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4 Great Reasons
To Choose A Senior Move Manager


Handle With Care Move Managers have extensive experience in working with the senior population. We understand trends in senior living and know about the best resources around for seniors during their move. We know who to call to get the best value of a service, saving money, reducing stress and making for a smooth transition.


Handle With Care Move Management is there to help you accomplish everything you need. Our team works with you and your loved ones to understand what needs to happen and how to efficiently accomplish it. For seniors who may feel some apprehension about moving, our team can help them maintain as much control of each part of the moving process as possible.


This may be your first time moving in your older years or helping an older parent move. There is so much to consider. Handle With Care Move Management has done this many times! When unexpected issues occur during your lifestyle transition, we have the experience to know how to solve problems quickly and efficiently.


You and your loved ones have control in how the move goes. However, the mundane details can get overwhelming. Handle With Care Move Management can alleviate much of the stress that comes from moving. We handle the tedious tasks of packing, making phone calls, and arranging services with move related service providers you may be using.



I am in my 90s. The service and help I received from this team made moving possible for me. I could have hired the best decorators from NYC and they wouldn't have done a better job decorating my new home.

Satisfied Client

‘Handle with care’ is exactly the right name for this company! It is not just their name; it is how they do business. 1. It starts with how they handle the older people who are moving. They choose schedules and tasks throughout the move based on what you say works for you. For example, if it is too much to clean a whole closet, they help you to make decisions on part of the closet that can be done during the time frame that you feel you can work that day. Then, they stay and walk you through the making the decisions, always focusing only on what you want to take with you to your new home. 2. They organize the whole moving process for you, based on your needs. That includes helping you sort and pack, moving all your goods, then unpacking and even decorating. They don’t leave until it feels like home, and you can work your electronic gadgets. 3. They are careful with your things, so things do not get ruined or broken. It’s wonderful to have someone who respects you and things that are important to you. 4. They take care of getting rid of all of things you don’t want anymore, including setting up sale with an auctioneer, donating things that won’t sell, shredding important documents, and getting rid of garbage. To me, this step was a huge relief, but every step was important to us. We highly recommend that you or your loved ones use ‘Handle with Care Move Management’!

Satisfied Client

As someone with vision impairments, I thought their staff was wonderful! They asked my thoughts and needs and my perspectives on changes in my environment. I didn’t have to adapt to them, they adapted to me. Examples: They always stored packed boxes out of the walkway. They help me sort by explaining to me what we were looking at and helping me to think about how whether I needed to use it in my new home. Since I had not done a move since my vision changed, they helped me to be part of the moving experience. It lessened my anxiety. It made me feel that I was taking part in decisions of the move, and that I was part of the moving team. Trust me, this is no small thing!

Satisfied Client


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