Simplifying your move

Helping you focus on what is important

The process of downsizing can be a large job to undertake.  BUT it doesn’t he to be!  When you hire our move management team, you are effectively hiring a “project” and “process” manager for the duration of your move.  Your move manager’s primary role is to streamline the entire moving process.  The customized guidance and personal support you will receive from beginning to end will alleviate the stress of relocation.  Our team is experienced with:

  • Managing Pre-move preparations (sorting, organizing, and selecting items to be moved)
  • Coordinating Professional Packing and Moving Services (organizing and overseeing the physical move)
  • Resettling (unpacking and making your new house a home)
  • Liquidation Solutions (locating and coordinating the best options for remaining household items)
  • Professional Referrals (connecting you with trusted industry professionals as needed)

Step by Step Downsizing Support

Helping you keep what you love and say goodbye to the rest.

Everyone tends to accumulate a lot of personal treasures over time.  This is just part of living a long and memorable life! Downsizing often requires letting go of some “stuff” and this can often feel like the most overwhelming part of an otherwise positive decision to move. Our expert move managers will help you sort through your items and make decisions about what to keep, donate, sell, or gift. Clients often say that our step by step process makes downsizing feel less overwhelming  and they come out overjoyed in the end. 


Home Sale and Estate Liquidation

Maximizing the return on your investments.

We’ll help mitigate the mental, emotional and physical strain of the liquidation and home sale process by connecting you with caring and competent professionals who make it their business to ensure you know your options and make informed decisions. While there may be hundreds of sales people available in your area, only a few specialize in retirement moves. Handle with Care Move Management has strong relationships with trusted and experienced real estate and estate liquidation professionals both locally and nationally.


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